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The Myofascial System and Trauma/Hooponopono(emotional release) 
Physical and psychological imbalances and traumas are held within the body & myofascial system (the muscles of the body and their surrounding sheath the fascia) as tension, fibrosis and congestion and this thereby affects the structural shape and functioning of the physical body.
The physical body records all resistance to experience on all the levels, it records all negative experience, micro trauma, macro trauma, chronic repetitive and acute sudden traumas, negative word and thought patterns. It is all in the physical body forming the body shape and functioning, and also influencing our perception of the world through our physical, emotional and mental reactions to life events.
Eventually physical, emotional and mental patterns become more fixed and ingrained causing less efficient functioning on all levels and causing us to react to most situations rather than acting according to what is needed in any given circumstance. Internal organs are associated with these emotions, liver=anger, kidneys & bladder=fear, lungs=sadness,grief.
Emotional Release Bodywork
The first form of Emotional Release Bodywork consists of a series of active, generally deep pressure manipulations of the areas that hold tension. The goal is to improve the functioning of the physical body in movement and stillness by clearing the traumas, tension, fibrosis and congestion from the soft tissues of the physical body. The areas of the iliopsoas, glutes, & groin areas hold emotional tension. The functions of digestion & elimination are also influenced by stress, therefore stomach massage is very important.
When this happens the body becomes balanced and aligned in relation with itself and its environment. This enables profound healing to occur both on the physical and psychological levels. The body shows an upward lift against the downward pull of gravity, and great ease of movement and an unobstructed flow of physical energy and vital force (otherwise known as chi, ki, prana,mana, etc.)

In the course of your session, I will work on areas that you hold tension, each person is different. I allow you the full freedom to let all of your emotional stress go, cry, laugh, swear, moan & groan, feel sensual feelings. I guide you through this process of going from the sympathetic to the parasympathetic, the result is total relaxation and revitalization. I work with your own body's energy, channeling it from a block point up to where you can find total emotional & physiological release of tension. As a result of this work, your parasympathetic and sympathetic response is balanced. Digestion & elimination is facilitated, circulation improves, and your creativity & mental clarity are greatly enhanced.   Your full cooperation is required in the session, you must let go of all the stress, tension, frustration, anger,  shame, hopelessness, etc. I have a spiritual gift that enables me to get into the right trigger points to help the person release all their tension.   I work with the present stress people are going through at work, at home or in personal relationship. When you are done you will experience a great release of tension in your lower back, neck, and shoulders. Some people find they go to the toilet after the session and let go all their pent up emotional stress. I offer colon hydrotherapy for those who can benefit from hydration of their colon to allow for the liver, gall bladder, kidneys to let go of emotional and physiological toxins.
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