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  Learn the ancient art of Hawaiian Tapa making. Classes in Kona & Makapala Retreat Center,Big Island of Hawaii. Email: kahanatapa@yahoo.com for more info

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage

"Ke lomi lomi ana kou kino me ke aloha lokomaikai".(Lomi Lomi with love)

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage is a traditional native Hawaiian healing art & culture.  The techniques were brought to Hawaii by the early Polynesians who came from various islands in the South Pacific 800 years ago.  It was passed down through Kahuna/priestly lines and is one of the components of traditional Native Hawaiian medicine.

Lomi Lomi technique varies from family to family and the technique that will be introduced is based on the work of Auntie Margaret Machado of  Napoopoo, Kona, Hawaii.  The method uses the palm heel and ulna in relaxing the body.  Traditional Lomi Lomi always includes work with the gastrointestinal area since the word for colon in Hawaiian is Na'au and also means a person's soul or heart.

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi covers cultural & philosophical practices such as Aloha/essence of Hawaiian culture and Hooponopono/conflict resolution, Ho'oma'ema'e/physical & emotional cleansing.  Come and experience the traditional healing of ancient


Pa-Ola Lehua Polapola descendant of chiefs and Kahuna priest from Tahiti, Farerua Borabora, and Kahikilaulani/Kamawaelualani of Moanalua Oahu.

Wesley Sen L.M.T.

Wesley is a native of Honolulu  and of Chinese Polynesian ancestry raised in Moanalua Gardens.

He received his training in Hawaiian and Polynesian massage techniques.  He was trained and apprenticed under Auntie Margaret Machado in Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage.  He was also trained by the late Uncle Kalua Kaiahua of Maui in the Hawaiian healing art of lua/body alignment. And received training in

Ancient Polynesian Bodyalignment from Uncle Freddie Tira of Aitutaki, Cook Islands.
Wesley has worked in the Spa industry in Hawaii for the last 20 years and presently teaches in Los Angeles, Hawaii, and Japan . Currently Wesley uses his wealth of experience in Lomi Lomi and Hawaiian culture to make magical memorable experiences for quest at Aulani Disney's Laniwai Spa. 

Lehua is a descendant of Hawaiian chiefs and Kahuna priest who trace back to Bora Bora, Tahiti 800 years ago. Her paternal ancestors were of the Polapola family. This name literally means Tahiti where a princess by the name of Tevahineu'iitetairoroa came with her guardian to Hawaii to marry a young chief on Oahu. This was the legend of Kahikilaulani. She came up the Moanalua stream in a canoe, holding an Ohia tree in a Ti-leaf with an O'o bird perched in its branch.

Polapola also means to recovered from sickness; well, after sickness; to get well, convalesce; filling out, as after loss of weight; sprouting, as a bud. Polapola iki, a little better. ho'o.pola.pola To cure, make get well; to fill out, as after sickness. The name explains her gift for healing.

Her paternal grandmother's name is Paola which was changed to Paula.Grandma was born and raised in Puna. Pa-ola means

a quick recovery from sickness. Grandma Paula Elderts McCandless just passed away at age 98.

She has a degree in education and taught Montesori preschool. Lehua studied with Auntie Margaret in Kona and Uncle Kalua Kaiahua of Maui to learn Lomi Lomi massage. She pecializes in pregnant women & women with lower back problems. She is also a Colon Hydrotherapist, Instructor's Level, the first Native Hawaiian with these qualifications.


Hawaiian Lomi Lomi consist of 3 basic principles as taught to us by Auntie Margaret Machado. Hawaiian Lomi Lomi is Pule/prayer. Auntie Margaret says that Hawaiian Lomi Lomi is different from Swedish massage because the old healers always used Pule in healing. We place on hands in Ke Akua/Almighty Creator's hands and ask for Ke Akua to do the healing. She told us that Lomi Lomi is Pule/prayer, Hawaiian lomi lomi massage is a praying work, we are the vessel the the Creator uses to help others. "Ke lomi lomi ana kou kino me ke aloha pau ole".(Lomi Lomi with love) Uncle Freddie taught us the lesson of the basket, how we use what is in our basket determines how much we will have at the end of the day, using our resources & energy wisely and eating the right foods, and exercise.

aunty margaret working on Wes Lehua at Smithsonian MuseumWesley

http://www.festivaldc.com/blog/2012/05/27/celebrate-hawaii-festival-learning-how-to-live-the-life-of-aloha/  Wes & Lehua demonstrated Lomi Lomi at the Smithsonian Museum.
The therapist & patient must Ho'oponopono/release and forgive before the Sun sets each day. And it is Aloha/a loving touch, for if our hands are gentle and loving the patient will feel the sincerity of our hearts, their soul will reach out to ours and God's healing will flow through both of you.

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