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Ancient Polynesian Body Alignment

Lomi Lomi A'e/Kake Ki Runga


Manoa Chinese Cemetery Dojo Hall

Date: Summer 2019Wednesdays

Time: 3:00 till 5:00 p.m. unless Dojo is available in evenings then class is 6:00 till 8:00 p.m.

Instructor:  Wesley Sen

Tuition:  $40.00 each class

This class is open to all who wish to learn this ancient healing art. LMT encouraged


freddieUncle Freddie and Wescertificate

Uncle Freddie's Biography

 I was born on the island of Aitutak in the Cook Islands in the 1930s.

My mother died when I was 3 years old and I was given to my grandmother Pakau to be brought up. Pakau was the only healer and Kahuna of the island.  Every morning when the rooster crowed she woke us up for prayer and meditation and taught us to maoro, romiromi, and kake ki runga to aligned the body. And she taught us as we got older how to work on people and what to eat and exercise to keep us healthy.  This work came down from the ancient ancestors through the Royal line of Tira Makea. My great-grandfather was Fredrick, so I was named after him, Tira Makea Fredrick. In school I chose to be called Freddie.

Grandmother taught me the importance of eating the proper natural foods.  We ate fish fresh from the ocean, taro, bananas, and vegetables. She showed me everything my little mind could take in the body work, by the time I was a teenager she passed the Mana to me to do the work.

Whenever I returned to the Cook Islands all the villagers come to me to work on their bodies. One important part of my work that my grandmother taught me is the exercise with the wooden pole. The work with the pole helps to energize the top part of the body which invigorates the entire body.  I have never wanted my work to be commercialized.  I have worked with Jack LaLane, Jane Fonda, and Sylvester Stallone and may other celebrities and athletes. I have always been against using weights in the gym; I only use just the wooden pole. There are so many movements with the pole that I have used to develop my body and help people develop their own. 

Wesley Sen after 20 years of practicing and teaching Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage is now teaching Ancient Polynesian Body

Alignment along with Pole work and nutrition and Polynesian Arts and Culture. Wesley was instrumental in introducing Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage as taught by Aunty Margaret K. Machado in 1995 to the Ihilani Resort and Spa which was voted as one of the ten best spas in the USA by Town and Country. Currently he has gained the same reputation at the Aulani Disney Resort and Spa in the Laniwai Spa introducing Uncle Freddie Tira to the Spa.  Wesley has taught in Hawaii, California, Oregon, Maine, and Japan.

Wesley is now offering Ancient Polynesian Body Alignment to those students who desire to do this ancient healing art as a ministry of Christ healing. The class will be offered in the Hawaiian Polynesian Christian tradition believing that the Mana or power to heal comes from Iehowa and that those who follow the way of the Lord Jesus Christ will have many opportunities opened for them to minister to those who have physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

stretchpole exercisespoleclimbing up the coconut treekakekirunga

currently students are in just the beginning level of their training which uses the pole to stretch and feet to release compression in the body

video of class


To register, please fill out the attached form with check and return to: 

Wesley Sen

1419 Dominis Street #1502

Honolulu, Hawaii 96822

Phone: 808-457-2000

Or send via email to:  lomihawaiimassage@yahoo.com

Please print. Please be sure to complete all of the information on all pages of this application. If you have any questions please call Wesley Sen, LMT at: 808 457-2000 or email: lomihawaiimassage@yahoo.  Mahalo!

We would like a photo of you attached with the application.


Workshop and Clinic with Uncle Freddie three day workshop $400.00 Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Only Takitumu

students may take this workshop.







City                                                      State                Zip Code                     


Home Phone#                                                 Mobile Phone#


Email Address

Explain your purpose and objectives for attending this class .





You will be expected to attend and participate in the entire class in order to receive a certificate of attendance.


  Cancellation Policy

A $100.00 non refundable deposit is required with application.

There will be no refunds of entire tuition for Cancellations regardless of circumstances.

Make your choice wisely and with much prayer.

Refund Information:

No refunds given, you may apply your paid tuition to another class held during that same year.



Attendance at this course requires you to hold Wesley Sen, its representatives not liable and harmless from litigation for any injury, accident or undesirable effect that may occur at the meeting site, from their equipment, and/or from other attendees.




Student Signature _____________________________________________________________                                                                                          Date ________________________


 please attached a current photo of yourself 


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