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Ten Day Hawaiian Sea Water Cleanse

Next cleanse Fall 2018


Hawaiian Deep Sea Water Colon cleanse program.  This is an elimination program that has been carefully prepared for helping the body rid itself of heavy mucus and toxins from the colon and eliminating organs. Sea Water formula every morning at 6 a.m., first 3 days herbal formula and evening green drink. Next 4 days morning/fruit & afternoon/vegies vegetarian meals, last 3 days Koali morning glory drink. On this cleanse you will be required to stay the full day on the last day and stay over night. This is essential for the Koali part of the cleanse. Auntie Margaret Machado who taught us and trained us to do this work told us that it is a praying work. Everything must be done with Pule/prayer for only the Ke Akua/Almighty Creator heals.

Details of program>>

Why Deep Sea Water?

Réné Quinton (1866-1925) was a French Physiologist and Biologist whose innumerable studies and scientific research led to his discovery of the virtues of sea water.

After much research and numerous scientific experiments, Quinton felt the desire to open healthcare centres where this simple, inexpensive means could be used to help save : first the children, whose mortality rate was extremely high, and later he extended his work to include adults.

In 1907 the first Plasma de Quinton was made available to the medical corps and to the general public. At that time the daily newspaper, L’Intransigeant, published the following article:

"The works of PASTEUR bring us a conception of disease. Those of QUINTON bring us a conception of health. What is Pasteur’s serum? It is a serum for and against a particular disease, a serum which attacks a given microbe and none other. What is sea water? It is a serum which attacks no microbe in particular, but provides the organic cell with the force to fight off all microbes."

link to Original Quiton>>

Hawaiian Deep Sea Water comes from 3000 feet below the ocean at OTEC's pumping sation in Kona.

Deep Sea Water contains abundant amounts of essential minerals like potassium, calcium and selenium, plus minute amounts of many of the trace elements such as iron, copper, zinc, manganese and chromium, which are missing from common surface water.  These trace minerals help humans absorb the vitamins in food and pass these directly into the system.  Without these trace minerals, we do not get nearly enough of the total nutrition we need from the foods we eat.




  8.2 mg


  3.9 mg


  2.8 mg


  75.6 mg


  1.27 mg


  0.084 mg


  0.107 mg


  0.027 mg


  0.011 mg


  0.169 mg

At Makapala we are less than a mile from the ocean, our location is in the most remote part of the Big Island of Hawaii far away from the pollutions of the city and the VOG that blows from the volcano to Kona. Here in Kohala our air is clean and at the clifts of Niulii you can breathe the sea spray and allow the ions from the crashing waves on the rocks below to energize and heal you.

Makapala offers two types of accomdations, 1)private rooms with  toilets & shower 2)separate dormitories for men & women, separate men's & women's showers & toilets. Self service cleaning & laundry.

Private rooms must be reserved in advance. All linens, pillow, blankets, towels, toilet paper, soap, washer & dryer are provided. Please bring your own personal toiletries, tooth paste, tooth brush, sanitary napkins.$2000.00 for Private room.

$1500.00 for dormintory, separate men's & women's dorms & baths, responsible for keeping dormitory & toilets clean daily.

Note: Fee does not include airfare or ground transportation from Kona Keahole Airport to Makapala, Kohala. You must rent a car or take a taxi. We can give you the name of a driver that has picked up and dropped off former participants, his charge is $60.00 one way.

$200.00 deposit required 10 days before start of retreat.  Balance due on 1st day of retreat. Visa, M/C accepted.

No refund after 1st day of cleanse.

If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, please get a clearence from your physician

in writing and attach it with your application.

Next schedule of Hawaiian Sea Water 10 day Cleanse: Fall 2018

You will arrive on Sunday by 6 p.m. and

leave on Thursday by 10 a.m..

Location at Makapala Retreat Center in Kohala, Big Island of Hawaii.

For Registraton click here>>

Wailana Malie 52-4670 Government Rd., Kapaau, HI 96755 (808)457-2000

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